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LABELLAMAFIA is a Brazilian brand founded in 2007, and its products are sold in nearly one thousand shops all over the world. Labellamafia’s products are known for their high quality, their materials and their innovative design. All products are manufactured in Brazil, where the quality of each piece can be overseen.

LABELLAMAFIA is a brand made for determined women, who endeavor day by day to build their own history. Modern, globalized, and strong - our customers enjoy physical activities and regularly train to have the bodies of their dreams. Their ambitions go beyond their aesthetics, they look to leave their mark both personally and professionally.

Unique and functional sports clothes with added Brazilian warmth, just for you!



BOND-IN - Made with anatomical pattern and seamless technology, from a technique that binds tissues with superglue in thermal fusion, the BOND-IN leggings reduce friction with the skin, increases compression and support of the body, acting as a second skin which enhances performance.
The style stands out for its innovative design and especially the comfort, adjusting to different body types: no marks, no constriction and it stays in place on your body.

PUSH UP - With contemporary design and strategically placed anatomical cutouts, the leggings with Push Up technology add value to their curves and help to lift the butt.

CLASSIC - The Classic leggings use a pattern that does not mark the body, high waistband, reinforced stitching and ankle length. Every new season the collection gets a new color palette and new motifs.

ULTIMATE - The Ultimate leggings are made with fabric composed of Emana wire. With highly technological properties, this fiber has bioactive principles that accelerate muscle recovery, improve blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and protects the skin against UV-A and UV-B, thus contributing to the reduction of cellulite and providing better performance during exercise. The Ultimate line definitely makes you go beyond beauty and comfort, it is produced for you to overcome your limits.

PRINTED - Labellamafia printed leggings are internationally recognized not only for the quality of its material and pattern, but by the innovative and distinctive design of their prints. The main choice of Hardcore Ladies to make up the look of a training day.


STREATWEAR Dresses, blouses, and shorts that translate the behavior and attitude of the streets. Comfortable dresses, loose and printed blouses. Features: hoodies, lightweight mesh, full print, screen, transparency, stone washed.

NIGHT WEAR - Focused on dresses and combinations for the night, fabrics with glitter, lurex, transparency with the adjusted pattern, accentuating the female body.

BEACHWEAR - Bikinis, bodys, cover ups.


ACTIVE STREETWEAR - With the proposal to deconstruct standards already worn by menswear and motivated by the constant search for innovation, LA•MAFIA brought a new perspective on active and street wear. With clothing that meets the requirements of the modern man, the collections are made with comfortable fabrics and ergonomic fitting that goes further than providing freedom to your movements; they give life to functional pieces that fit the everyday needs.

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